Accessibility Statement:

“The Owl” is a company that provides services/products in the field of website development and digital marketing.

With this statement, our aim is to enhance the usability and improve our services concerning accessibility and equal rights for individuals with disabilities. Our accessibility adjustments comply with Regulation 35 of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments) Regulations 2013, at the AA level, in accordance with changes and adaptations made to the Israeli standard document.

Our website’s accessibility has been tested on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, and Edge.

Existing accessibility features on the site include:

  • Support for all standard browsers (e.g., Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla).
  • Clear and readable language in website content, using legible fonts.
  • Site structure built with headings, paragraphs, and lists.
  • User-friendly site navigation with accessible and clear menus.
  • Clearly labeled and explanatory links.
  • Links at the beginning of the page for easy content skipping.
  • Textual descriptions for images and icons for assistive technologies.
  • Responsive design for various screen resolutions.
  • Play and pause buttons for video galleries.
  • Implementation of ARIA roles for improved content interpretation.
  • Accessible menus, forms, fields, hierarchical headings, tab components, pop-up windows, and more.

Change of display on the site:

  • Zoom in or out of the site using “CTRL” combined with the mouse wheel, or with the “+” and “-” keys. Each click increases or decreases the screen size by ten percent (10%).
  • Font size adjustment through the accessibility menu on the site.
  • Users without a mouse or those who cannot use it can activate site features by pressing the “TAB” key. Each click moves the cursor to the next option on the site. Pressing the “Enter” key activates the link where the cursor is located.
  • The site does not include flashes, animations, or moving content. In places where such content is present, it can be stopped by clicking on it or bypassed using the “TAB” key and pressing “Enter.”
  • Adaptation of the site for visual and hearing impairments:
  • Basic screen magnifiers (resolutions).
  • Voice recognition software.
  • Audio identification packages from operating systems.
  • Accessibility limitations:

While we make every effort to ensure that all pages displayed are accessible, there may be pages that have not yet been made accessible or for which a suitable technological solution for their accessibility has not been found. Additionally, external advertisements entered by businesses advertising on the site may not be fully or adequately accessible.

Encountered a problem?

Feel free to reach out via email, and I will be happy to assist.

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