Digital Marketing

If you have a digital asset, such as a website or a social media page, and there is no paid advertising,
it can be assumed that the content is primarily exposed to close friends and your organic audience.

In the digital marketing era, creating quality content is paramount.
Striking images, convincing short videos, combined with well-crafted and audience-appropriate text can ensure success and a positive
impact on your audience.
Content influences the time the audience spends on your site or page, can improve customer relations, and, of course, generate healthy traffic to your website.

The visibility of your content can also impact the site’s ranking on search engines.
Therefore, it is crucial to focus on creating high-quality, persuasive content tailored to your target audience.
To gain an additional advantage, consider integrating paid advertising to promote your content and digital assets.

What do I do

I manage campaigns on the Facebook and Instagram platforms for small businesses.
I have experience working with musicians, artists, and diverse professionals,
running campaigns from clinic messages to lead generation for real estate agencies.

I edit videos at a basic to intermediate level, work with Photoshop, and create AI-generated images when needed.
Additionally, I offer Zoom training with close guidance to independently publish ads.
One of the significant challenges for small businesses is the advertising budget, which, when combined with campaign fees,
often exceeds what they can invest.

While it’s not ideal, and as business owners, it’s not healthy to do everything on your own,
sometimes there’s no choice. Even if you ultimately don’t publish ads yourselves,
at least knowing how the platform looks and being able to track results can help you
communicate more effectively with your campaign manager.


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